Copywell Australia offers complete solutions for all your home and office printer and photocopier repairs and sales. As a leader in the industry Copywell has the skills and experience to service all major brands including: Lanier, Sharp, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Ricoh, Lexmark & Brother.

Copiers and printers at the best price in Melbourne.

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If the equipment is in stock please allow 2 to 3 days for delivery.

This usually means you have damp paper. Replace the paper with an brand new ream.

A maintenance agreement assures regular maintenance and repairs that guarantees a longer life for your office equipment.

To avoid costly repairs, minimise the use of the machine and immediately call a Copywell Technician to carry out preventative maintenance.

Call Copywell and a technician will be out to repair the equipment. As you are on a maintenance contract, there will be no labour charge and no parts charge.

Please allow approximately 4 working hours for a technician to get to you.

Yes, all toner orders received before 10 am are delivered the same day.

Copywell does not use sub-contractors. The technician attending your machine for IT or network set up or repairs is a permanent, fully qualified Copywell staff member.

As this may be a complicated issue, please contact one of our experienced trouble-shooters. Copywell customers on a maintenance contract receive free on-line and telephone support as part of the agreement.

This could be a very easy fix. Please clean the copier glass and the scan glass thoroughly. If this does not work call a Copywell technician to come out repair the machine

Yes, Copywell technicians only use genuine spare parts.

We have two showrooms where copiers can be viewed and demonstrations given. We can demonstrate copiers and printers at our recently renovated showroom in Dandenong or our Lanier showroom in Lorimer Street Port Melbourne.

Copywell technicians are factory trained and certified. Copywell is an approved and authorised service repair and sales agent for most major brands.

Ideally, you should be servicing your equipment two to three times per year. This may vary depending on the amount of copies you do.

All Copywell maintenance contract customers are given the highest priority and, where possible, will get a loan copier/printer at no charge while waiting on parts to arrive.

Yes, demonstrations are available 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) by appointment.

Toner is the actual ‘ink’ and consists of very finely powdered thermo plastic particles. These are ‘fixed’ in the fuser by literally melting the image onto the paper. This is why the paper is always warm when it exits.

A copier uses a bright light and lens to focus an image of the original onto the drum. Adjusting the lens-to-original and lens-to-drum distance is used to vary the reduction or magnification.

A laser printer uses a low power sharply focused laser beam to scan one line at a time on the drum. Modern laser printers use infra-red solid state laser diodes similar to those used in CD players and optical disk drives while older ones used helium neon lasers.

The digital image is generated from a bit map stored in the printer’s memory and modulates the laser beam. Scanning is mechanical – a high speed motor spins {Polygon Mirror motor} a multifaceted deflection mirror to get the X-axis and the paper moves to get the Y axis.

LED printers use a large array of LEDs as the image source but are otherwise similar to laser printers.

Plain paper fax machines use similar techniques in their printing mechanism.

There are two basic kinds of toner: magnetic and non-magnetic. They all have different melting points and the granules are different sizes. The imaging process is extremely delicate and specific toners are important. Use of toner that is slightly different could result in all black or all white copies and causes damage to the machine very quickly. Turn the copier of and contact a Copywell technician immediately. Copywell recommends using ONLY genuine toner specific to the brand and the model of the machine.

After the drum copying process is complete the paper is then transported to the fuser which ‘fixes’ the toner to the paper via heat ( to soften the toner particles) and pressure (to embed them in the paper fibber ). There are parts in the fuser which control the temperature and Teflon coated hot rollers which stop the paper sticking. A thermostatically controlled quartz tube lamp provides the heat inside the anti-stick (Teflon coated) fuser roller. If this roller is worn or torn it will produce lines and paper jams.